Beach Info

There’s no wonder that Fort Myers Beach is a cyclists dream, a kayaker’s reverie and a paddle boarder’s idea of perfection. If beach combing and shell seeking is your thing, the Fort Myers Beach is your castle in the air. Sunshine, warm Gulf breezes, soft, white sand, blue skies and white puffy clouds. It never gets old. This is a great place to stay young, stay fit and enjoy life to maximum capacity. We want your experience to be safe and for you to create memories here that will last you a lifetime. Here’s a quick list of things to remember while on Fort Myers Beach:


Fort Myers Beach Rules:

  • Jumping or diving from the pier is prohibited
  • No alcohol on the beach, other than in restaurant property located on the beach
  • No driving on the beach
  • Dogs are welcome on the beach, but must be kept on leash and picked up after.

Fort Myers Beach Access:

Public access to Fort Myers Beach is available with many designated public beach access paths and streets, as well city and county parks.
All public beach access streets have a designated sign on Estero Blvd. Look ahead and up to see signs that are Beach Access and numbered.  Metered parking is available at many of the beach access roads. $2.00/hour.

Parks with Beach Access:

  • Bowditch Point Park
  • Lynn Hall Park

Beach Access Numbers & Street Names:

The following is a list of the beach access number and the corresponding street name. These listed beach access locations have coin operated, metered parking for $2.00/hour with no time limit.

  • Beach Access #11 – Flamingo
  • Beach Access #12 – Gulf
  • Beach Access #13 – Lanark
  • Beach Access #14 – Aberdeen
  • Beach Access #15 – Sterling
  • Beach Access #16 – Dakota
  • Beach Access #17 – Strandview
  • Beach Access #18 – Gulfview
  • Beach Access #19 – Bayview
  • Beach Access #20 – Coconut
  • Beach Access #21 – Hercules
  • Beach Access #22 – Connecticut
  • Beach Access #23 – Seaview
  • Beach Access #24 – Pompano
  • Beach Access #25 – Gulf Beach
  • Beach Access #26 – Chapel
  • Beach Access #27 – Mango
  • Beach Access #28 – Delmar
  • Beach Access #30 – Palm
  • Beach Access #31 – Miramar
  • Beach Access #32 – Ave. E
  • Beach Access #33 – Alva
  • Beach Access #34 – Ave. C
  • Beach Access #35 – Ave. A
  • Beach Access #36 – Canal